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Three of the Top Single-Track Bike Trails in the Western United States

Steven Armus

Dr. Steven Armus is the founder of Native Prairie Restoration and the owner of Dermatology Consultants of Wisconsin LLC, based in Franksville. Away from his professional endeavors, Dr. Steven Armus maintains an active lifestyle, and one of his favorite outdoor activities is single-track biking.

Mountain biking, or single-track biking, is a recreational sport shared by enthusiasts the world over. In the western United States, trails abound, leaving it up to the rider to decide what kind of experience he or she wants to have. Three of the best trails in the West include:
1. McKenzie River Trail - Eugene, Oregon
A few tenths of a mile longer than a marathon, McKenzie River Trail runs through the Cascade Mountains, passing by waterfalls, hot springs, and lava fields. The trail accommodates all skill levels, although advanced riders will find the most enjoyment from its speed.
2. The Hangover Trail - Sedona, Arizona
Reserved for expert riders, the Hangover Trail runs through the iconic red rock of Sedona. After a short climb, the trail descends for the rest of the way, and narrow sections and several roll-offs make for a challenging, albeit somewhat short, ride.
3. The Whole Enchilada - Moab, Utah
Moab ranks as one of the most popular destinations for serious bikers, and the Whole Enchilada may be the best trail in the area. From top to bottom, riders complete a descent of approximately 8,000 feet, starting in the La Sal Mountains and arriving alongside the Colorado River.

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